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Carl Akeley: Expeditions

Selected resources on renowned taxidermist, sculptor, and conservationist Carl Ethan Akeley.

Expeditions on behalf of The Field Museum

Field Museum publications, which are linked to below, are all freely available online via our partnership with the Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL): 

  • 1896: Zoological Expedition to Africa: described in the Annual Report of 1895 within Expeditions and Fieldwork and within "List of Mammals from Somali-Land obtained by the Museum's East African Expedition." Zoological Series Vol I,  No. 6.  

  • 1898: Expedition to the Olympic Mountains, Washington: described in "Catalogue of Mammals from the Olympic Mountains" Zoological Series Vol I,  No. 13 (1899) and "Preliminary Descriptions of New Rodents from the Olympic Mountains" Zoological Series Vol I,  No. 11 (1899). 

  • 1905: Zoology Mammals Africa British East Africa: described within Expeditions and Fieldwork of the Annual Report of 1905 and Akeley, Carl E. Report of African expedition published in the Annual Report to the Director of the Field Museum of Natural History Volume III (January 1908): 121-133. 

  • 1905: Field Trip to Fox River, Illinois: described within Expeditions and Fieldwork of the Annual Report of 1905. 

Akeley on Expedition

© The Field Museum, CSZ6097. Carl Akeley in his tent relaxing at day's end. Africa Expedition [British Somaliland and Somalia]. Start Date: 21 April 1896. End Date: 29 September1896.