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Malvina Hoffman: Publications

Publications by Malvina Hoffman

Hoffman, Malvina. “A Sculptor Goes Head-Hunting.” Asia 33, no. 7 (July-Aug 1933): 422-429, 430-433, 450-452.

Hoffman describes her experiences in creating the sculptures for the Hall of Man exhibit. It contains descriptions of her travels across the globe, her selection of models, and various insights into their cultures.

Hoffman, Malvina. 1962. Heads and Tales. New York: Bonanza Books.

Also published with the title, A Sculptor’s Odyssey by Scribner’s in the same year. Details the story of Hoffman’s journey around the world in order to collect material for the Hall of Man bronze sculptures commissioned for the Field Museum. Map of the artist’s journey on the lining-papers of the book.

Hoffman, Malvina. Sculpture Inside and Out. New York: Bonanza Books, 1939. 

After studying in Paris with Auguste Rodin, Hoffman wrote this book about foundry techniques. She established her own studio in Paris and was a known master founder who hosted countless famous artists of her time. This title is well-indexed and extensive in its explanations on the history and techniques of sculpture.

Hoffman, Malvina. Yesterday Is Tomorrow, A Personal History. New York: Crown Publishers, Inc., 1965.

Contains a list of sculpted works (1906-1963). An autobiography of Hoffman’s life with a chapter entitled Out of the Blue: The Hurricane Years, which is about her time working for The Field Museum.

Books about Malvina Hoffman

A selected bibliography based on the collections of The Field Museum of Natural History Library:

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