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Field Museum Publications: Zoology

Zoology Publications

Featured here are the scientific publications documenting original research in Anthropology that have been published by the Museum since its inception. 


There are four series: Anthropology, Botany, Geology and Zoology. These publications are known as Fieldiana today, and comprise the majority of The Field Museum's contributions to the Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL). 

Field Columbian Museum. Zoological series (1895-1909)
Field Museum of Natural History. Zoological series (1910-1943)
Fieldiana. Zoology (1945-2008)
Ornithological Series (1896-1917)
Fieldiana: Life & Earth Sciences (available via BioOne subscription database)

Handbooks and Special Publications

This series had a very limited run in the early years, but each of the four disciplines did publish at least one:

Album of Abyssinian Birds and Mammals, by Louis Agassiz Fuertes
Amphibians and Reptiles of the Chicago Area, by Clifford H. Pope
Birds of Eastern North America known to Occur East of the Ninetieth Meridian by Charles B. Cory
Birds the World over, Habitat Groups, by Austin L. Rand and Emmet Reid Blake
Chicagoland Birds, by Ellen Thorne Smith
Ectoparasites of Panama, by Rupert Leon Wenzel and Vernon J. Tipton  
Endodontoid Land Snails from Pacific Islands, Part I. Endodontidae, by Barbara K. Solem
Endodontoid Land Snails from Pacific Islands, Part II Punctidae, Charopidae, Zoogeography, by Alan Solem
Lion Spearing, by Carl Ethan Akeley 
Taxidermy and Sculpture, the Work of Carl E. Akeley in Field Museum of Natural History by Carl Ethan Akeley


Monographs (longer papers) in a large format containing full-page plates. Otherwise, identical to Fieldiana.

Fieldiana. Zoology Memoirs (1950-1964) 

Popular Series/Leaflets

These non-technical booklets on a variety of subjects had a very limited run in the early years, but each of the four disciplines did publish several. The titles "Popular" and "Leaflet" are used interchangeably these days. 

Leaflet / Field Museum of Natural History. Dept. of Zoology. (1922-1923)
Zoological leaflet / Field Museum of Natural History (1924)
Zoology leaflet / Field Museum of Natural History (1925-1938)
Popular series / Chicago Natural History Museum. Zoology. (1952) 


A series documenting museum methods and practices. A limited run in the early years of the museum. These were numbered consecutively throughout entire technique series, but separated by their subject area: 

New Uses of Celluloid and Similar Material in Taxidermy, by Leon L. Walters
Cleaning and Staining Skeletons of Small Vertebrates, by D. Dwight Davis and U.R. Gore 
Preserving Birds for Study, by Emmet Reid Blake

Zoology Publications

© The Field Museum, GN90798d_Vol4PL7throughPl10. 

Plates from Research Design in Nature, a publication by Field Museum Press by John Gilbert Wilkins from the Art Institute of Chicago, circa 1925.