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Frederick Blaschke: Archival Collections

Archives at The Field

Paper Files

  • Blaschke (Frederick) Historical Geology Groups 1926-1932: 9 folders
  • Blaschke (Frederick) Hall of Man Groups 1927-1933: 7 folders
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd Marshall Field Expedition to Europe: 1 box
  • Director's Expedition Correspondence Captain Marshall Field Expedition to Western Europe: 1 box
  • Henry Field Papers Prehistoric Man Correspondence: 3 boxes
  • Henry Field Papers "Hall of the Stone Age": 2 albums


  • A photographic collection related to Blaschke includes photos of dioramas (completed and in progress) and of individuals.

Getty Images

A selection of Field Museum high-resolution images featuring Frederick Blaschke and his work are available via Getty Images.

© The Field Museum, GEO84551c, Photographer Ron Testa.

Neanderthal Family diorama figures by Frederick Blaschke, made for Geology Hall installed in 1929. Figures shown: a man about fifty-five years of age, a young woman holding a child, an older woman, and a boy of about ten years of age. Scene shown depicts a cave shelter, Le Moustier, France.

© The Field Museum, CSA77746, Photographer Charles Carpenter.

Frederick Blaschke, sculptor at work. Progress of the Neolithic Sun worshipper diorama. Model figure's arms are raised. Based on the rock Alignment at Carnac, Brittany.