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Works Progress Administration (WPA): List of Projects

WPA Projects

As part of “This Work Pays Your Community Week,” a nationwide celebration of WPA projects from May 20-25, 1940, The Field Museum mounted a special exhibit showcasing the work of WPA workers at the Museum: 


  • Hall B: West wall case: "A Method of Manufacturing Chipped Stone Implements." Modeling of hands. 
  • Hall K: Kish "Portal with Stucco Ornamentation" and "Portion of an Arch." Assembly of parts, plaster restoration. 
  • Hall L: Cases 39, 41, 42. Headgear and costumes repaired in Hall L
  • Hall 7: "The Story of Southwestern Pottery." Entire. 


WPA workers prepared these exhibits under staff supervision:

  • Hall 25: Nipa Palm, Tea Bush, dioramas of tea and coffee plantations, colored transparencies, painted murals
  • Hall 26: Colored transparencies
  • Hall 29: North end: Illinois Woodland, Alpine vegetation group, Bee swarm orchid, Golden shower


Eleven workers assisted with the following geological exhibits: 

  • Hall 35: Case 11: Models - a section of a volcano, the interior of the earth, igneous intrusions; dioramas of glaciers; east half: Nearly all of the Installation of a large rock collection
  • Hall 38: Five fish lizard slabs restored; skull of four-tusked mastodon; fossil turtle; model of water deer; Skeleton of Pseodomegatherium.  


  • Hall 19, Wall exhibit in east end: "History of the Human Skull," Modeling of skulls. West end of the hall: Exhibit of bird eggs. South side of the hall: Reproduction of a Dodo. Specimen and diagrams. East end of hall: reproductions of Fossil Birds and Plants.
  • Hall 20, West half of hall: Penguin group: Preparation of skins, manikins, and ground work. Mt. Cameroon Group: All accessories including groundwork. Village Weaver Bird group: Preparation of skins, all accessories including groundwork. Kalahari group: All Accessories. Common Rhea Group; preparation of skins, manikins, all accessories including groundwork. Guatemala Forest group; All accessories. Quetzal group; all accessories. Montezuma Oropendula group; preparation of skins, nests, and all accessories. White Stork group; preparation of skins and dry accessories. Layman Island group: accessories only. Red Grouse group: preparation of skins, all accessories including groundwork. Alcove at east end of hall. Albino Mammals and Birds. Specimens renovated, remounted in part, and put on new bases. 
  • Hall 22, Southwest section of hall: African Klipspringer group, accessories including groundwork. 
  • Hall N, Narwhal group. Assisted in making molds. 


Model of extinct bird

© The Field Museum, Z80763. Ichthyornis, model of extinct bird, for Hall 21 exhibit case. Made by WPA, Works Progress Administration. Restorations of Fossil Birds.