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Carl Akeley: Publications

Selected resources on renowned taxidermist, sculptor, and conservationist Carl Ethan Akeley.

Publications by Carl Akeley

Akeley, Carl E. 1912.“Elephant Hunting in Equatorial Africa.” American Museum Journal 12: 43-62.

Akeley, Carl E. 1912. “Elephant Hunting in Equatorial Africa with Rifle and Camera.” National Geographic Magazine 23: 779-810.

Akeley, Carl E. 1915. “Elephant Hunting on Mount Kenya.” American Museum Journal 15: 323-338.

Akeley, Carl E. 1914. “An Episode of a Museum Expedition.” American Museum Journal 14: 305-308.

Akeley, Carl E. 1921. “Flamingos of Lake Hannington, Africa.” American Museum Journal 12: 305-308.

Akeley, Carl E. 1923. “Gorillas – Real and Mythical.” Natural History 23: 428-447.

Akeley, Carl E.1920.  In Brightest Africa. Garden City, NY: Doubleday.

Akeley,Carl E. 1923. In Brightest Africa. Memorial Edition. The Star Series. Garden City, NY: Garden City Publishing Co.

Akeley, Carl E. 1926. “Lion Spearing. Field Museum of Natural History, Special Zoology Leaflet 1. Chicago: Field Museum of Natural History,1926.

Akeley, Carl E. and Mary L. Jobe.1934. Lions, Gorillas and Their Neighbors. New York: Dodd, Mead & Co. 

Akeley, Carl E. 1914. “The Wild Ass of Somaliland.” American Museum Journal 14: 113-120.

Akeley, Carl Ethan, and C. H. Carpenter. 1902. The Four Seasons: The Virginia Deer in Northern Michigan. [Chicago, Ill.]: [C.A. Akeley]. 

Akeley, 1927. Carl E. Taxidermy and Sculpture: The Work of Carl E. Akeley in Field Museum of Natural History. Chicago: Field Museum of Natural History. 

Publications about Carl Akeley

Akeley, Mary L. Jobe. 1929. Carl Akeley’s Africa: The Account of the Akeley-Eastman-Pomeroy African Hall Expedition of the American Museum of Natural History. New York: Dodd, Mead & Co.

Akeley, Mary L. Jobe. 1950. Congo Eden: a Comprehensive Portrayal of the Historical Background and Scientific Aspects of the Great Game Sanctuaries of the Belgian Congo with the Story of a Six Months Pilgrimage throughout That Most Primitive Region in the Heart of the African Continent. New York: Dodd, Mead & Co. 

Akeley, Mary L. Jobe. 1927. “In the Land of His Dreams.” Natural History 27: 6: 525-532.

Akeley, Mary L. Jobe. 1940. The Wilderness Lives Again. New York: Dodd, Mead & Co. 

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Akeley on Expedition

© The Field Museum, CSZ6167, Photographer Carl Akeley. Carl Akeley posed with skull, horns and hoofs of the Greater Kudu [koodoo]