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Tsavo Lions: Current Research

The three lions on display at The Field Museum were all notorious man-eaters during their lifetimes. Field Museum Scientist Bruce Patterson and his team study lions in current-day Tsavo (Kenya) to learn more about this mysterious animal.

Current Research

In the 1990s, Assistant Collections Manager Tom Gnoske and Adjunct Curator Julian Kerbis began researching the back story of the lions of Tsavo and in 1996 discovered the cave that Col. Patterson had christened the "Man-eaters' Den." MacArthur Curator Bruce Patterson (no relation to the Col.) began ecological studies of Tsavo lions in 1999 and headed the Earthwatch Institute's Lions of Tsavo project until 2009. All three Museum researchers continue their studies of lions amidst other responsibilities.

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Expedition to Tsavo

© The Field Museum, GN91293d, Photographer Leonard Russo. Bruce Patterson, taken in Tsavo [Africa] on Taita ranch during an Earthwatch expedition.

Tom Gnoske and Julian Kerbis outside "Man-eaters' Den," the cave they rediscovered in Tsavo.